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Girls Out West Bree and Taliah

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Girls Out West Bree And Taliah are the two young babes in the episode called “Daily Drive”. The blonde and brunette duo are hot, horny and very much bi-curious. Now we see what happens when teens get out on their own. Bree and Taliah get so cozy under the sun and in the great outdoors, as if they have no fear that someone might drive by to catch their little girl on girl action. No inhibitions here folks, getting stark naked and lapping at each other’s pussies seem to be the only concern of these teens as of the moment.

Girls Out West Envy

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Girls Out West Envy is the all natural busty brunette who is featured in the amateur episode named “Carrots in the Kitchen”. Envy is what others would call plus sized and what we would like to name a woman with curves in all the delicious pieces. The curvilicious Envy feels extra hot and horny in the kitchen. And with no cock in sight, Envy raids her fridge for the closest thing she could find. She settles on the floor, pulls down her top, pull up her skirt and work on her burning twat. Find out what she does to cum right here.

Girls Out West Magda

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Girls Out West Magda stars in the video clip and photo set called “Yellow Dress”. The beautiful blonde has a sexy body with perky tits, little pink nipples, silly smooth skin and a cute little ass. Magda is not your typical chick. She has a little bit of sex kitten and exhibitionist in her. As we can see in this preview photo, Magda strips naked and makes poses on the tiled floor, next to a wide glass floor to ceiling window. See that sunshine on her sexy ass? We are not going to be surprised if someone is actually watching from another house.

Girls Out West Rada

Girls Out West8

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Girls Out West Rada is the homegrown beauty who is featured in the episode called “Cartwheel”. Down to earth and very shy, it can take quite a lot to get Rada to open up. It takes even more effort to get her to take off her clothes in public. Our guess is she finally found the courage to strip outdoors when she saw the gigantic cartwheel. We love her natural curves and simple personality. Some guys like girls who are in your face spicy while there are those who like demure chicks like Rada—-a demure lady yet utterly sexy.

Girls Out West Arabella

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Girls Out West Arabella is an outdoorsy chick who loves nature as much as she loves having sex. In the episode called “River Rocks”, Arabella settles on the rocks and takes off her clothes except for her aqua colored bra and panties. But even those don’t stay on for too long as Arabella’s perky tits seem to be needing freedom. She takes out her breasts from her bra and plays with them. Arabella is surely wet without having to take a dip in the river yet. Wondering what it will be like to fuck on top of river rocks? Watch Arabella.

Girls Out West Lana

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Girls Out West Lana makes us hot and horny in the video clip called “On The Table”. Lana has the curves and the sensuality that makes cocks rise in an instant. This girl has no qualms about taking off her clothes and showing off her body right there on the table. Lana caresses herself, slides her fingers on her smooth skin and onto her tits and pussy. Anyone can see that this girl wants to get some right there. She may be an amateur but she sure has the makings of a great porn star. You have to see it to believe.

Girls Out West Steel

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Girls Out West Steel is a blonde power chick who stars in the episode and photo set called “Construction”. Steel is hanging out at what looks like a junk yard with all the scraps all around. She has a sexy version of a construction worker with her hard hat and yellow vest. Of course more things come off and she is soon posing with nothing in a very dangerous environment. The riskiness of this girl makes her extra spicy. If having sex in the most unusual places is part of your list of fantasies, you must not miss this one.

Girls Out West Adel

Girls Out West4

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Girls Out West Adel is the sweet young brunette featured in the outdoor video clip called “River”. Adel loves the outdoors and it gets even more obvious when she gets all horny near the river. Adel took off her clothes and we see the delicious sexy tan lines, her natural muff and her perky little tits. That smile that Adel has on her sweet face makes her look like an angel—a naughty one. The way she teases and tempts can get any man rushing to her side. What happens to this sweet sexy thing? Find out right here.

Girls Out West Frances and Rosie

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Girls Out West Frances and Rosie are the two young chicks starring in “Snow Sex”. These two curious babes do not mind the cold outside at all. Perhaps their internal lust and body heat is enough to the point that they shed their clothes except for their bonnets, socks and boots. The two ogle at each other’s bodies and get a little sensual play going on too. If you love daring girls who have all natural bodies—tits, hairy pussies and all that, this video clip is a must see. Frances and Rosie sure know how to make temperatures rise!

Girls Out West Viola

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Girls Out West Viola is goody two shoes teen who stars in the video clip entitled “Shopping”. The young lady has demure looks with her long brown hair, glasses, floral dress and ballet flats. No one would could possibly ever guess that Viola has the nympho streak in her. Well it seems even the most angelic of girls get really horny sometimes. Viola gets hit by lust and drops her shopping bags in a little deserted alley. Viola pulls down her dress, exposing her tits, squats, pulls down her panties and plays with her wet twat. What happens next? You gotta watch to see.